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Dehydrated Fried Onion Flakes

Dehydrated Fried Onion Flakes

(Made from Raw dehydrated white onion flakes or dehydrated red onion flakes)

Application / Use :

Ready to eat, food topping, making of pizza, flavoring, add in meat product, sauces and soup preparation.

Ingredients :

Dehydrated Onion Flaks & Food Grade Oil.

Size :

10-20 MM

Quality :

Crispy and Crunchy fried onion, made from raw white or red onion flakes.

Color :

Available in light golden color and dark brown, Natural Aroma and Pungent. Tasty and crispy for detailed COA and Nutrition Report, Please Contact Us or Feel Free to ask.

Packaging Details :

1 kg, 2 kg, (Packed in Aluminum Foil Bag)

Bulk Packing :

10 kg, 20 kg, (Packed in HDPE inner with outer carton box)


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