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Potato Powder

Potato Powder

Application / Use :

Ready to eat, food topping , making of pizza, flavoring, add in meat product, sauces and soup preparation. Ingredients : Dehydrated Onion chopped & food grade oil.

Size :

80-100 Mesh

As a Binder :

Add as binding agent, meat, and vegetables, sauces and cake preparation.

As a Thickener :

Dehydrated potato flour, flakes and granules add soups preparation, sauces, and ketchups.

Ingredient for Packed Snacks :

Potato chips made from potatoes, to giving the flavor and seasoning, add as ingredients can be made by using dehydrated potato products. Potato flakes can be used for various Indian delicacies like Aloo bhujia, fillings for Samosa, Dosa , Aloo Paratha.

Ingredient for Formed Products :

Add in pizza topping, Burgers, & convential products.

Quality :

Light yellow to white , Good pungency , aroma , flavor , uniform cutting size, All products are GMO, allrenge free, 100 % vegen, Gluten Free, Soya Free Packed in 20 kg Bulk Packaging with inner HEPE Bag and outer carton box pack For COA and nutritional analysis please contact us for more details.


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